Jahongir Ortiqhojaev

Jahongir Obidovich Artickhojayev

Mayor of Tashkent

Jahongir Artykhojaev is currently the mayor (in Uzbek - hokim) of Tashkent, the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The official has held the post since 21 December 2018, having previously been acting mayor of Tashkent since 26 April 2018. He is the fifth hokim of the capital.

Jahongir Artykhojaev runs his hometown, he was born here on January 2, 1975 (age 47). He is ethnic Uzbek. The future mayor received higher education in the Tashkent State Economic University, which he entered in 1991. The year of graduation is 1996.

He is simultaneously a senator (from 2018) and a deputy (from 2019).

The new mayor took office at a difficult time, when the media and various internet resources were actively discussing corruption in the administrative apparatus of the Uzbek capital. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said at the time that he had decided to entrust the management of the city to a businessman.

Jahongir Artykhojaev is known in the country as a very successful businessman with extensive experience in managing large companies. He started his entrepreneurial activities in the very beginning of the 1990s, during his university studies. From a small consumer services and retail business he has managed to develop a large number of successful companies and brands, more than 100 in total. His core business is primarily in the construction sector.

The mayor of Tashkent is known both in Uzbekistan and elsewhere as an outstanding businessman who was able to build a perfectly functioning business model in the extremely difficult post-Soviet environment. Many publications, including foreign ones, have repeatedly noted the entrepreneurial gift of Jakhongir Artykhojaev.

Later on, he was Director of the SUE "Directorate of Construction and Operation of Objects on the Territory of the ICC "Tashkent City", one of the largest and most expensive projects of modern Uzbekistan (about 1.3 billion dollars) which became a visiting card of the republic. It is for his services in the construction sector that the mayor was awarded the title of Honoured Builder of Uzbekistan. He was also awarded the Order of Dustlik.

Jahongir Artykhojaev's activity as the mayor of Tashkent is highly appreciated by various communities and strata of the population. Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has repeatedly commented on the new mayor's talents and actions. The business community believes that in the person of the mayor, entrepreneurs have received a person who understands the needs of business and the importance of creating a favourable climate for it. The mayor's anti-corruption work deserves special praise. Residents of the city often note this fact in surveys conducted among the population, as well as facts of effective management of public utilities, planting of greenery in the city, improvement of services provided to residents, etc. Representatives of other states have also repeatedly expressed positive assessments of the official's performance.

Jahongir Artykhojaev's personal hobby is yoga, and he is chairman of the Uzbekistan Yoga Federation.